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  • What areas do you cover?


we cover the entire Thanet area as well as Herne Bay, Canterbury, and Sandwich for residential cleans, and any area in Kent for commercial cleans.


  • How can I be sure you won't invade my privacy?


We use a water fed pole system up to 50 feet which means we don't need to use ladders to reach your windows.


  • How do you take payments and what if i'm not in?


Our regular customers are now set up on Go-Cardless (you can find out more about this on our payment page) 


  • Can I choose the day you clean my windows?


Yes, to an extent. We are in set areas on certain days of the week so we fit in each new customers to each area.

  • How often do you come?


We organise all of our work on a 4 or 8 weekly rota, whichever suits your needs best.


  • I have a commercial property that needs cleaning, can you do it?


Yes, we are fully insured and equipped for any commercial work. We can also provide up to date risk assessments and method statements if required.  


  • How do you price our property?

We have our own way of pricing, depending on how long we think the clean will take, not per window. This way the cost is lower on properties with a large amount of glass as we have an efficient, fast system. 



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